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January 30 2018

Ravelry: gquilts' KA

Ravelry: gquilts' KAL Stash Killer

January 28 2018

Knitting the loopy b

Knitting the loopy bind-off - a tutorial by La Visch Designs - www.lavisch.com

Processing of edge o

Processing of edge of a product

January 25 2018

Узор спицами резинка

Узор спицами резинка колоски

January 17 2018

January 03 2018

Free Knitting Patter

Free Knitting Pattern for Fair Isle Tissue Box Cover - Great stash buster and quick knit – designer says you can knit in an evening. Chunky yarn. Designed by Clair Thorley. The original pattern provides one chart pictured at the top. The pictured projects are by alterbridge who shares the charts used for those projects.

December 14 2017


HOW TO... WOVEN STITCH Wool and the Gang

December 02 2017


FREE PATTERN - Crochet Sprig Stitch Bun Beanie

September 25 2017

Frilled Cast - Needs

Frilled Cast - Needs a lot of extra yarn for casting on. Good match for Picot Bind Off

June 29 2017

Free Knitting Patter

Free Knitting Pattern for Lattice Cables Baby Blanket

December 07 2016

How to tie a weaver'

How to tie a weaver's knot to join threads

November 05 2016

If you're a knitter,

If you're a knitter, pin this! I just used this method for a hat and it works! JL Yarnworks: Tutorial: Jogless Join

September 20 2016

Hilda mittens – FREE

Hilda mittens – FREE PATTERN

August 01 2016

Georgous! I am absol

Georgous! I am absolutely loving this pattern!

July 27 2016

Free knitting patter

Free knitting pattern for Chess and Checkers - Clare Scope-Farrell designed these boards and game pieces.

July 17 2016

Free heart shaped wa

Free heart shaped washcloth knitting pattern: www.pinterest.com... Link directly to pattern:

April 23 2016

Free knitting patter

Free knitting pattern for Corona hoodie by Teresa Gregorio pullover with hood and diamond stitch trim

April 02 2016

Ravelry: Milky White

Ravelry: Milky White Cables Scarf pattern by Christy Hills

March 07 2016

Irish Mesh Cowl_e_0B

Irish Mesh Cowl_e_0Bud - via Craftsy

February 27 2016

Favorite Washcloth P

Favorite Washcloth Patterns | The Smiths' Occasional Blog
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