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May 26 2018

This Pin was discove

This Pin was discovered by Slm

March 10 2018

Photo gallery: Step-

Photo gallery: Step-by-step guide to knitting socks - Slide 5

Free knitting patter

Free knitting pattern for a Crown and more fun hat knitting patterns

February 26 2018

Susan B. Anderson: H

Susan B. Anderson: How I Make Worsted Weight Socks!

February 24 2018

Copycat Dishcloth by

Copycat Dishcloth by Michelle Krause. Free pattern. More More

Making It With Help:

Making It With Help: Windowpanes Knitted Dishcloth Pattern

February 23 2018

Free knitting patter

Free knitting pattern for towel holder and more household knitting patterns

Canadian vintage kni

Canadian vintage knit hand towels. They claim they are easier than pie to make. I hope so because I'm not that good at making pie.

Sara's Colorwave Blo

Sara's Colorwave Blog: LIZARD RIDGE HAND TOWEL

free hanging kitchen

free hanging kitchen towel knitting pattern - I'm going to make a lot of these.

Diagonal Knit Dishcl

Diagonal Knit Dishcloth - Free Pattern

hanging dish towel k

hanging dish towel knitting pattern kitchen

Knitted hanging kitc

Knitted hanging kitchen towels by KPer. No pattern yet - could wing it. Gorgeous!

Awesome Cat's Eye Ca

Awesome Cat's Eye Cast On Tutorial! Really big close up photos and many clear steps to achieve this pretty cast on.

February 22 2018

how to substitute ya

how to substitute yarn. Worth printing out. Marie

February 19 2018

nice shoulder detail

nice shoulder detail idea

Tutorial. The Frille

Tutorial. The Frilled Cast On is extremely simple and gives a pretty, frilled edge that looks like crochet and blocks quite flat on a Stockinette Stitch piece. It is a good match for the Picot Bind Off, and is a nice alternative to Ribbing, Garter or Mo.

Great for beginners.

Great for beginners. Read More at: homes-makeovers.b...

How to Knit a Perfec

How to Knit a Perfect Edge

February 04 2018

Knitting a Princessy

Knitting a Princessy Dishcloth Dress! | Leisure Arts Blog
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